Single Jersey or Interlock, Which to choose?

Single Jersey and Interlock are fabrics characterized by their considerable stretchiness, softness, and lightness. What makes them perfect for children's clothing, t-shirts, Underwear, and most type of garments that are to be worn close to the skin.

Do you know the differences between the two of them?

In this article we cover their main differences, so you can make a more accurate decision for the fabric that matches your needs.

They are both Circular knit fabrics with a close knit structure, variants from the same family, with a different knit style.

Now let’s look at them separately, in more detail:

Single Jersey

It's Knitted with 1 needle. Its texture is smooth on one side and the other side with purl stitches that create an appearance of lines across the fabric. With very good breathability, softness and light touch.

Single Jersey is the perfect choice when making garments that require good drape, lightweight, and 4 way stretch. Great for sewing T-shirts, pajamas, and soft accessories. And when in addition the fabric has elastane, like our Cotton Single Jersey 180 gsm or Cotton Single Jersey 230 gsm, it is suitable for fitted clothing such as leggings, leotards, and even flowing knit dresses.
Printed Cotton Single Jersey

Interlock, also called Double-knit Jersey: It's Knitted with two needles, like two layers of single jersey together. When is plain, its texture is smooth on both sides. And, it also has variations, like rib and pique knits.

Interlock is a bit heavier, firmer, and sturdier, with a 2 way stretch. Making it better for garments that need stretchiness and structure such as looser fitting sweats, dresses, rompers, dresses, skirts and pants.
In general, it feels thicker and cozy, which also makes it a good alternative to woven fabrics.

It’s more stable than single jersey, which means it doesn’t stretch out of shape easily and unlike jersey, Interlock edges does not curl, which makes it popular for free cur and laser cut garments. And its ability to lie flat suits the needs of homeware projects.
Printed Cotton Interlock