Home Decor Trend Insights_SS22

From functionality and practicality of the space to bringing the outdoors indoors.

As the home continues to have the hybrid function of a place for working and living. Simultaneously there is a rise in care and attention for the space that represents a safe refuge where the uncertainty of the world fades to enjoy the freedom of the personal world.

That safety and feeling of belonging are and forge ahead to shape the interior trends.

Sustainability matters more than ever. A must regarding materials, being led by the use of natural materials and colors inspired by nature.

Prevails the intention to recreate the feeling of being in nature with a soft touch of nostalgia interpreted in retro and vintage aesthetics.

The color choices are also led by the potential positive effect that color can offer. And this year is represented by foliage green, creamy yellow hues, and airy blue, also named the color of 2022 by Dulux as “bright skies”.

Stated as color shades that bring in the space calmness, restfulness, and coolness by connecting us to the clear sky of a sunny day spent in between meadows or the ocean.
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