Fashion Trend Insights_SS22

After a couple of seasons led by casual wear and the step into the front line of the loungewear. This season comes grounded by enthusiasm and the desire to enjoy the "good days" ahead.

Designers have given a turn by refreshing "all-time" classics with an encouraging vision that is playful in colors, textures, shapes, and prints.

A spirit of joy and optimism, for the sunny days, the time outdoors, the social life getting active again, and the daydreaming of nature inspiring the quotidian life.

Taking the comfort that was the priority in the seasons behind, there is an evolution to a bold, brave, and pop-like aesthetic that states that the bright colors are here to stay!

Trends that lie in exploration and creative freedom, are framed as saturated and refreshing. With color shades and prints that lift up spirits, sparkling positivity into the casual wardrobe.

Top trends

Refreshed classics
Checks, stripes and polka dots:
From the classic and neutral color combinations to pop aesthetics, bright and contrasting.

Hyper tropical and tie-dye:
For prints with a new sense of bright nostalgia for these graphics when applied to sophisticated and bold feminine silhouettes

Sheer fabrics
Mesh and textured crepe: as a second skin, delicate volumes with ruffles and fabrics juxtaposition or groovy prints creating visual textures.
All saints
Carolina Herrera
Jason Wu