What is Double Gauze?

One of the favorite fabrics for children’s clothes and accessories, that has become trendy across multiple clothing universes and beyond.

People Love its texture, which can be both elegant or cuddling, according to how it’s used.
Now, let’s learn a bit more about our double gauze fabric.
As its name says, it's made of two layers of fine cotton. Which is attached together by tiny stitches at regular intervals, keeping an open weave with a loose effect that creates a crinkle appearance. With a natural, delicate and relaxed look.

Our Cotton Double Gauze is a lightweight, soft, and breathable fabric, that offers good comfort on the skin, with the added benefit of being very absorbent.

There are multiple uses of double gauze. It's very versatile, as it’s suitable for multiple sewing projects and products, from baby blankets and swaddles to blouses, dresses, bags, and bed covers.

Our Cotton Double Gauze 125 gsm light and very soft fabric are most often used in apparel.

A nice trick when choosing double gauze:
The more you wash and use it, the softer it will get. This makes it a fantastic choice for baby products, but it may also be utilized for a variety of other purposes, in occasions lined with other fabrics, or even quilted.
Its texture is an added value for giving a high look to your creations. And it works well for printing designs with white and light color backgrounds, as well as with designs that have thin lines, hand drawings, and more of a crafty look.

Sometimes it can be confused with muslin, because of the similarity of the texture in its layers. So, it’s important to note that they are different, Muslin is one single layer of very loose weave cotton and it has fewer uses as it has much transparency.